Between five trips to the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii Jonathan Oliff finished a degree in Media & Communications and gained an Honours in Brand Leadership.

He set his sights on working strategically with brands, specializing in Digital and Social Media. With his versatile skill-set, Jonathan joined TBWA as a key player on the core digital team that built their award winning digital division at TBWA. Jon left TBWA with Kevin Power and Tamerin Borland and together launched Conversation LAB in August 2012.

With a ‘creative’ background and love for branding Jonathan uses his knowledge to bring fresh ideas and perspectives to projects. In a digital age, he maintains that conversations, interactions and personal experiences will create and solidify exceptional brands, emphasising that a brand is simply a promise delivered and that remarkable brands should deliver remarkable branding.

If Jon is not attending an innovation summit around the world and then taking our clients through the thinking, he is hard at work ensuring we keep delivering on our promises as an agency and that the South African operation stays best-in-breed to deliver for a global market place.


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