Advertising and Communication


As the great ad man Gossage famously said: “Nobody reads ads, they read what interests them and sometimes it’s an ad”. We believe that brands need to deliver more than simple messaging about their products and services to win in 21st marketing.

Conversation LAB is a full service creative agency that puts digital at the heart of
everything we do. We do that because we know that every communication plan that
includes digital is better for it. And we know how to do digital.

But, we also know that from time to time some of our clients and sometimes the brief only requires a single channel or even offline channels only – so we work creatively in developing hard working above and below the line campaigns for many of our clients.
Our simple belief is insight before idea and idea before channel – and we develop and plan all our campaigns with that guiding principle in mind.
So it might be a TV ad, radio, press, OOH, an event, PR stunt, retail activation or all of these delivered together in a fully integrated campaign – we do it all – and we like to think we do it well.

Most of the Conversation LAB team have worked for some of the best global ad agencies – so we get advertising and we get how to make it work hard in all the new areas of marketing as well.

For all and any of your Advertising and Communications needs please call or email
Kevin Power, MD Conversation LAB.