What would you do if you had to conceptualise, shoot and edit a film in only 48 hours? That’s the challenge
that cLAB’s very own Gilbert Emedi took on at the end of August. He might be our answer to Idris Elba
(they might have been separated at birth) but his talents in cinematography and motion design make him
truly indispensable.


Together with a group of friends, Gilbert landed in Cape Town where the team hit the ground running. From
what we saw during his takeover of our Instagram, those 48 hours were manic. We caught up with him to
find out a little more about the process.


Q: What made you enter the 48 Hour Film Project?
A: It’s been a dream of mine to do this thing. The competition has existed for a while, but I just wanted to
prove (or should I say test) my skills among other filmmakers.


Q: Describe those 48 Hours in three words:
A: Pressure. Fear. Relief!


Q: What was the coolest part of the process?
A: The coolest part was testing my skills. Especially how much I thought I knew about time management…


Q: And the toughest part?
A: Time, time, time! You are racing against the clock, every single second count and you literally need to
forget about sleep. That was really tough. The lack of sleep and making sure that things get out in time.


Q: What was your film about?
A: The genre was “Horror”. We chose to tell the story of a female weather reporter who has a calling to
become a "Sangoma". She chooses to ignore this calling and this causes the death of her brother. It’s a
film that deals with memories, reality and the mental aspects of trauma. We wanted to delve into the
psychological aspects of horror, not just the usual blood, guts and screaming.


Q: We hear your film made the top ten out of 51 films. How does it feel? 
A: Like a dream. I had to put everything on the line for this one, so I am smiling. I feel like I could scream
out loud!


Q: Any advice for those wanting to break into cinematography/motion design? 
A: I never thought I’d ever be asked to answer this type of question. My advice would be to never stop
learning. Even now, I am still learning. Everything in this field is a learning process so don’t ever think
you’re good enough to stop taking in new things. Also, put what you’ve learned into practice. It can only
help you.


With the awards ceremony taking place on Saturday 15 September, we’re all holding thumbs for Gilbert
and his team. Follow us on Instagram to see how it goes.




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