Rain: Is the data reckoning upon us?

South Africa’s cellular market has been monopolised by a handful of big names charging some of the highest data prices in the world. In the past, these soaring tariffs have been blamed for hampering our economic growth. ENCA had more to say about this here: https://www.enca.com/money/high-data-cost-hampering-economic-development-in-south-africa

Enter Rain, SA’s first 4G data-only network. At R50.00 for 1 gig (or 5c per megabyte), it’s now our cheapest provider for the average Joe with a limited budget. Better yet, there are no contracts to get locked into, no bundles and no expiration periods for what you’ve purchased. If that isn’t sweet enough, someone we know was able to sign up in no more than 10 minutes. So we’re looking forward to what the Stellenbosch start-up brings to the table.

As a player in the digital space, we know all too well that unaffordable data waters down the reach and impact of the hard work that agencies do. It also prevents the public from being able to reach out and engage with their favourite brands. Most troubling of all, it denies people the right to communicate with each other in an age driven by data and digital. This makes Rain a welcomed relief with the potential to change the country and our economy as we know it.

Perhaps they drew their name and inspiration from Ladysmith Black Mambazo’s “Rain Rain Beautiful Rain.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=PisBYGGtmgI Either way, connectivity for all sounds equally stunning. How will this affect the price battle between South Africa’s cellular giants? Time will tell but we’re hoping it’s opened the floodgates. Let it Rain. #datamustfall


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